Julieann D. – Seattle, WA

“I am the owner of La Maison Alki in West Seattle. I had a positive, successful experience with Northwest Scholastic!

After attending the required orientation for in-home programs at the Department of Early Learning, I realized how much was involved in opening a school. I was lost, overwhelmed, and nearly decided not to pursue it further. Then I heard about Northwest Scholastic.

I spoke with the owner, Jordan, and realized that with his help I could easily get through the process. From applying for a license and writing handbooks and policies to building security, safety, and square footage requirements (and so much more), Jordan was able to prepare us. He even took the time to go through the licensing checklist step by step to very that we were set up for success.

When it came time to sit down with our Licensor, Jordan made himself available to join us and address any questions or concerns raised during the meeting. For example, the Licensor had one update she wanted made based on a regulation that was amended midway through our licensing process. Within a couple hours, Jordan had made the change, updated our documents, and sent a version to the Licensor for review.

We were licensed eight days later!

Making Northwest Scholastic a part of your team ensures that the daunting licensing process will instead be stress free. If you want no stress and all the success opening your child care program, Jordan will get you there!


Colleen H. – Seattle, WA

“I definitely recommend Northwest Scholastic! Jordan is an asset to anyone thinking about starting a child care center, or already has one, who would like the work and stress taken out of keeping requirements up to date.

Jordan’s attention to detail, his ability to see the whole picture, and his commitment to making the licensing process seamless is something you will be so thankful for! I couldn’t recommend him enough. The cost is worth every single penny!!!

Make it easy on yourself and let Jordan guide you through it. You’ll be glad you did.”


Ruth N. – Algona, WA

“I highly recommend Northwest Scholastic if you are thinking of opening your own daycare or preschool. Jordan is super professional and was a lot of help getting me through the paperwork and preparation – especially when it came to writing my policies. He obviously wants me to succeed and provide good service with my program.

If you want your business to be the best it can be, get in touch with Jordan! He is 100% prepared and has the patience and intelligence to help you through.”