La Maison Alki (Alki, West Seattle)

“When I realized how much was involved in opening a program, I was lost, overwhelmed, and nearly decided not to pursue it further.

Meeting with NWS gave me a major boost of confidence. They were able to get us ready for, and through, licensing faster than I ever imagined. Other owners we’ve spoken to said it took them six to eight months to get licensed — Jordan had our program licensed in just over three.

Jordan made himself available to meet with our licensor during inspections, and helped address any questions they had. If you want no stress and all the success, NWS will make it happen!”

Alki Beach Academy (Delridge, West Seattle)

“NWS is an asset for anyone thinking about starting a child care program or wanting more from the one they run.

If you want the work and stress taken out of getting and staying in compliance, there’s no better way to do that than to work with NWS. Jordan’s commitment to your success makes cutting through the red tape a breeze.

Since the day he joined our team, our program has doubled in size. Not only was he vital to that growth, he made it effortless for us.”

The Learning Tree (Algona)

“I highly recommend NWS if you’re looking to open a child care program. Jordan is super professional and was amazingly helpful in getting us through licensing.

It’s obvious NWS exists so that we can succeed. When it comes to getting help with your program, NWS is as good as it gets!”

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