Provider Services

Getting Started

For aspiring providers, the licensing process and all it requires are daunting. We will guide you through everything and ensure you are set up for success. This package includes:

  • Introduction to the licensing process;
  • Regulation familiarization;
  • Policy and handbook drafting;
  • Initial site review;
  • Site planning;
  • Staffing forecasts;
  • Budget drafting;
  • Emergency and disaster preparation;
  • Facilitation of health and safety checks;
  • Code compliance checks;
  • Secondary site review; and
  • Facilitation of licensor visits.

Program Optimization

For current providers, operating a quality facility at an affordable rate may prove challenging. We will relieve the burdens of administrative tasks, including:

  • Census maintenance;
  • Staff scheduling;
  • File & document management;
  • Enrollment management;
  • Event coordination;
  • Regulation familiarization;
  • Code compliance checks;
  • Policy & handbook revision; and
  • Expansion planning.
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